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Street Outlaws' Scott Taylor is Kookin' with Kooks!


Media Mentions

"Last month, we broke the news regarding grudge and no prep racing star Scott Taylor’s makeover of his feared “John Doe” Oldsmobile Cutlass, by way of a move from nitrous oxide to a pair of turbochargers feeding his big-block Chevrolet powerplant. Fellow racer Mike Murillo and his Murillo Motorsports shop in Texas have been facilitating the swap, which centers around a Russ Miley-built powerplant and 98 mm Precision turbos.

Well, on Monday night’s premiere of the all-new Street Outlaws” New Orleans program on the Discovery Channel, the world got a small glimpse of one of the reasons why Taylor made the jump to another power adder camp. During a matchup with big tire racer David “Bird” Jones, Taylor encountered a destructive nitrous explosion when one of his nitrous solenoids began leaking into the engine. After spinning the motor over on the starting line to clear the excess nitrous, Taylor hit the ignition and all hell broke loose — the hood sailing into the air and a brief fire erupting that scorched the front of the car.

For the build, Taylor and Murillo have gone with a proven name for the exhaust setup, using a set of stainless steel headers from Kooks Custom Headers. Taylor, who owns and operates the Hub City Dragway in Mississippi, had a standout year in 2015, most noticeably going all the way to the final round at Outlaw Armageddon in Oklahoma, and even bigger things appear in store this season." 

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